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Headstone FAQs

How soon after the burial can a stone be erected?

Generally it is wise to wait at least 6 months to allow the ground to settle. However this does not prevent you ordering as soon as you like and we can put the stone up at the appropriate time.

I’ve seen a memorial I like but I can’t find it in your catalogue can you help me?

In almost every case the answer is yes! We can quote for any stone from any catalogue  or from photographs.

Our local cemetery has been laying down a lot of ‘unsafe’ stones, how will you stop this happening?

All our memorials are fixed to the NAMM code of working practice, using stainless steel ground anchors where appropriate.

What about guarantees/insurance?

All our stonework is guaranteed for 10 years (subject to reasonable conditions) (except subsidence which we cover for the first 2 years). We offer very reasonable insurance cover from the market leader, Stoneguard. Paint is guaranteed for 2 years.

Can I get proofs of my memorial?

We can send you 3 or 4 layouts of what the stone could look like for your approval. If you don’t like what you see then the layout/style can usually be changed until you are happy.

Do I need to contact the Church or Council?

No. We will pay the fees and obtain the necessary permission on your behalf.

Are there any extra costs to be added to your web site/ brochure list prices?

Yes, the Cemetery/Church where your memorial is to be fitted may make a charge. This is added to the total cost of your memorial.

Cemetery Fees are not included in our list prices because they vary from place to place. Please call or email to confirm Cemetery/Church fee for your area. We have all these fees at hand.

How do I Pay for my memorial?

We ask for 50% deposit of total cost of your stone and then final payment when the memorial has been lettered and erected in Cemetery/Church. We can take payment by cash, cheque or debit/credit card.

How many fonts are available to choose from?

We can offer hundreds of font styles for the lettering. We have examples of many of these fonts in our showroom.

Can you cut other designs or carvings onto the memorial stone?

Yes, we offer a selection of traditional designs such as roses, crosses etc. We can also carve designs to specific requirements, such as military badges, pets, particularly types of flowers, or designs to depict the hobbies or interests of your loved ones.

How do I go about having an additional inscription on an existing memorial stone?

Where an additional inscription is required on an existing headstone (e.g. where there is a shared grave space), we will normally be asked by a funeral director to take up the headstone prior to the second burial. Or in the case of ashes being interred in a grave, we will remove the stone just before commencing the work. The stone will be returned to our yard, where we will await instruction on the inscription to be added to the memorial. Once the ground has settled again (minimum 6 months for burials), we will return to re-fix the headstone with the new inscription added. Cremation tablets can be replaced almost straight away.

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